Her Special Day❤️

This is the post excerpt.

Her Special Day

She has been waiting for this day since a year ,yeah you might be thinking anniversary comes every year, what’s new? What’s a big deal in it?.

Not for you,but for her

She waits for this as she knows ,she wants to live on this day,since she has lived for this day ,she thinks herself as a Cherub,yeah of course a celestial being…she knows this day is special for both of them.She gets the goosebumps AMEN!!!

She knows whatever the reason may be,the time,the obstacle ,the situation ,the ups n down still he will come for her,for his girl.

She gets up early,makes her hair curly,put on that rosy red ornamented attire which she wears rarely…

She watches herself in the mirror,

She checks her edge of lips,her corner of eyeliner, everything at its place or not,Oh my Gosh!!! She drinks water again n again as she will be meeting her man after all,she has done a lot in her makeup to like a Barbie doll.

Door bell rings!

She again comes to mirror,put an extra coat of the matching gloss,her revealing eyes catch that cleavage again she stands and tries to struggle with the chubby flesh and bra straps which was little bit tight ,she doesn’t want to look like this as her man hates showoffs so she becomes conscious …

She runs and opens on the 4th ring of the door bell ,shit man! Newspaper… mam! She gets the sound and turns around…

She goes inside and looks at the alarm clock.


9 o’clock morning













She still wears and doesn’t wipe out those colours from her face,though it’s too heavy to handle, she still waits……

As today is her special day❤️





Chic Fashion 

You are beautiful in your own way, either you have a zero size figure or plus size. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. You are the beautiful creation of God. Your complexion doesn’t make you beautiful rather your inner qualities and self-confidence do.Follow some fashion tricks by which you will look  amazing and trendy 

Know Yourself 

Yes know Yourself. Ask yourself what you want. Know your body type. Choose the perfect wardrobe as per your complexion and body type. Don’t wear too skinmpy or too loose. 


Before wearing collect some matching accessories to give you a trendy and perfect look. If you are wearing a skinny or boyfriend jeans with a tee then try a pair of shoes and make a high bun to look Funky. If you are wearing a saree or you want to look traditional then wear banggles, a bindi, matching earrings and make your hairdo as per your look. 

Try Something New 

Don’t wear the same kind of costumes in every occasion. Sometimes change is fashion. Welcome the changes and give yourself a new look. 

You Are Your Own Mirror 

You are going outside, first look yourself in your own eyes, have you skipped anything? look into the mirror. Give yourself a complete look.

Yes you are ready to rock the floor now. Go and enjoy your day. 

Fashion Craze 

There’s a certain kind of woman who appears effortlessly styled wherever she goes. We’ve come to know this woman as the fashion girl — the type who just gets outfit proportions, layering tricks, and how to pull off the trend of the moment. Sure, her styling prowess can be downright irritating — how does she always make it seem so easy? — but it can also be incredibly enlightening.

A fashion girl is not the one who covers up her face with a thick layer of makeup, or covers her body from toe to head with new wardrobes or who shows up her tummy and thighs or walks wearing a heavy long gown with mis-matched accessories. Anyone can be fashionable by some simple tricks. Nudity is not fashion. A rustic woman can also be a fashionista by wearing a color-block saree, with a sleeveless blouse and pair of flat or heel.The main thing is you must have a dressing sense. Further You must have your self-confidence. Self-confidence is a fashion itself Those showstoppers also have the self-confidence. If someone hasn’t a dressing sense and self-confidence then even if having loads of makeup, or costly wardrobes she can’t be fashionable or attractive. 

Fashion is a trend. Fashion is a style. Yes, smile. Put a smile on your face, girl. You will look more sexy. Smile gives you a complete and perfect look. A simple dress can also give you a bomb-look. It depends on how you present yourself.